Growing... Learning... Developing...

Parents say...

"All of the staff know the children so well, the care is individualised, and parents are always informed and encouraged to get involved."

Children say...

"I like coming to nursery because it makes me feel happy."

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Growing... Learning... Developing...

Latest news...

Up to 30 funded hours available per term-time week. Claim NOW for September

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Growing... Learning... Developing...

Ofsted says...

"Children are thriving and achieving their full potential under the care of the extremely knowledgeable and inspirational staff team."

Outstanding Childcare

Totton report

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At Play Away we know that as soon as children are born, they thrive on learning about the world around them. As they grow their ability to learn grows with them. Our approach embraces the importance that every child is recognised as an individual whose personal development is as unique as they themselves.


Why Play Away?

What makes us different.

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