Boogie Mites comes to Play Away!

Due to the recent success of our Boogie Mites sessions in our Elmer Elephants at Totton, we will be running Boogie Mites sessions at all three nurseries during the coming term. Boogie Mites are music and movement workshops for children aged 1-4 years ,during which the children take part in vocal warm ups; physical warm up and action songs; shaker songs; a themed section using stories, role play, musical exercises and songs to explore the world around us; percussion and then cool down time with nursery rhymes and teddies. The sessions last an hour, and promote the development of important neural pathways – “The evidence suggests that children who undertake music education from early years have higher levels of cognitive capacity (especially regarding language acquisition and numerical problem solving), tend to remain in education for longer, and earn more across their lifetime.” (Anita Collins, a researcher in neuroscience and music education at the University of Canberra, Sydney Herald July 2015)

For more information about Boogie Mites you can speak to a member of the staff team or go to