We know that as soon as children are born, they thrive on learning about the world around them. As they grow their ability to learn grows with them. Our approach embraces the importance that every child is recognised as an individual whose personal development is as unique as they themselves.

We reflect this ethos in the organisation of our groups within our nurseries arranging them by stages rather than ages and by providing opportunity for every child to flourish as we meet their changing needs according to their developmental stages reflected in the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.

We plan carefully for each child so that they learn through their own natural curiosity, and the environment is organised to allow easy access and freedom to explore investigate and discover. The day’s activities reflect the individual stages of development and the current interests of the children. We ensure that the children are fully engaged and absorbed in what they are doing. This is achieved by providing warm and comfortable surroundings, entwined with multi-sensory opportunities. We know that when children are deeply involved, they are developing and learning.