Healthy Eating

Our Commitment

At Play Away we encourage children to develop healthy choices. All our chefs are fully qualified and experienced in preparing wholesome, nutritious meals for young children. Our menus are healthy and well-balanced to meet the nutritional needs of young children.

The weekly menu is displayed on the parent notice board and reflects a diversity of cultures, enhancing children’s experiences of the wider world. All the meals we offer are free from artificial colourings and additives and fresh fruit and vegetables are served every day. Vegetarian options are always available.

All our food is supplied and delivered by Sainsburys. We cater for special diets and have extensive experience of catering for children who are lactose intolerant, coeliac,and those with nut allergies.

Each of our chefs is a vital member of the nursery team and they have a major role in contributing to our focus on healthy eating.

Meal times are also an important social time for the children to share the enjoyment of food and we look to maximise these opportunities by involving the older children in cooking and preparing food such as home baked bread and mini pizzas for tea. All biscuits and cake are homemade and so meet our healthy eating policies of no artificial additives, colourings and salt and reduced sugar.

Many of our parents request recipes of their child’s favourite meals at nursery which are always available from the nursery chef or manager.

“The nursery provides an excellent variety of snacks and meals that promote free choice, encouraging children to experience different flavours. All food is home cooked using quality and fresh produce ensuring that children have a healthy balanced and nutritious diet at all times.” Ofsted