iConnect Software

As tablet software becomes more popular for use in child care settings, we have integrated the use of iConnect tablets here at Play Away Day Nursery.

The software supports us in:

Taking child observations immediately and link them to the Early Years Foundation Stage and other frameworks.

Accessing vital information on each child at the touch of a button.

Easily logging daily activities like meals, sleep times and nappy changes.

Compiling assessments to track every child's progress.

The iConnect system allows the parents to log in using the ParentZone app and view up to date information about their child's time at nursery. By using this system parents are able to be more involved in their child's day, which will promote further continuity between home and nursery fostering a holistic experience for each child and it is easy to register too, all you need to do is provide us with your email address.

ParentZone enables parents to:

View observations, photos and videos of every special moment - and add comments back for the nursery staff.

See what their child enjoys taking part in at nursery - so they can inspire even further development at home.

Upload their own pictures directly from their phone camera to include in their child's learning journey.

If you have any queries regarding the iConnect Software please feel free to contact us or go to http://www.connectchildcare.co.uk