Your Child

At Play Away we believe that every stage of childhood should be celebrated and we reflect this ethos by arranging our groups by stages not ages. These groups are named after familiar and well-loved characters from children’s stories:

Each of our groups has their own daily routines which are explained in detail during a visit to the nursery. At this time, each Team Leader and the Nursery Manager explain how the rooms within each group are arranged to support the routine and the needs of the children. ( We welcome the opportunity to show you in person how we work and the facilities we can offer your child to learn, grow and develop with Play Away)

We only move children into the next group when they are developmentally ready to take their next step. This stage is then planned for and discussed between key person, parents and Team Leader to ensure that the transition is seamless and inductions are arranged for both the child and key person to spend time in the new group.

We ensure that when children move into their next group, they have an easy and simple transition. The regular communication and discussion between staff  focuses upon each child’s individual personality, their  achievements and their stages of development.

An easy and comfortable two way flow of communication between staff and parents engenders confidence and peace of mind that benefits both parents and children.

All children are allocated a key-person when joining the nursery. This ensures that a close and loving relationship is secured with individual children and clear records of development are kept to record children’s progress throughout their time at Play Away.

Owl Babies

Owl BabiesOur Owl baby rooms are designed to create a warm and homely feel and are furnished with soft chairs and comfy cushions. Each room is resourced with a variety of play equipment designed for sensory stimulation. The daily routine is tailored around the individual needs of the children and activities are blended to create a careful balance between stimulating discovery play using treasure baskets and quieter times using songs, finger rhymes, music and tapes, when our babies are soothed and cuddled ready to snuggle and sleep. Our qualified and experienced members of staff are dedicated to the development of our babies, and are themselves the most valuable resource in enabling them to communicate and learn to play. They continually learn through their senses and we use a wide variety of exciting materials to allow them to learn about texture, taste, smell, shape and sound. This heuristic play is undisturbed and enables babies to be curious and to investigate in their own time. Our staff team understand that both continuity and stability of routine and care are very important to the well-being of the very young and ensure that they follow the individual requirements of each child and so tailor their routines specifically to meet their needs.

Hungry Caterpillars

In our Hungry Caterpillar group the emphasis given to heuristic play develops into ‘discovery  time’ and provides opportunities for the children to experiment spontaneously using their natural curiosity. The skilled staff team support this play as children make their own choices. Activities are adapted to suit the development of each child, and the range of resources in the playrooms reflect the changing need for activities and play to increase their physical awareness. Our Hungry Caterpillars are constantly learning as they are discovering, whether it be dressing up and using their imagination or stacking bricks into a tall tower, so tall that it will eventually topple! We plan carefully for each child so that they learn through their own natural curiosity, and the environment is organised to allow easy access and freedom to explore investigate and discover. The day’s activities reflect the individual stages of development that the children have reached.

Elmer Elephants

Elmer ElephantsIn our Elmer Elephants group, our children are showing a growing independence and the development of their own unique personality, and our focus moves to supporting this through shared meal times and developing self-help skills. As the children move through the groups we encourage them to learn through their play and to develop their independence at their own pace. We support their physical development by working with you to continue routines started at home such as potty training. Children are gradually introduced to a more structured day which incorporates circle times and small group story times. The emphasis throughout is toward encouraging children to develop at their own pace and in a setting where they are enjoying themselves and having fun.  Encouragement and praise from the staff all work towards enabling every child to develop confidence and a positive self-image.


GruffalosOur Gruffalo group provides a gentle transition from the early stages of independence before the new challenges of Paddington’s. A blend of adult led activities and child initiated play combine to provide children with opportunities to make choices and develop self help skills. The Gruffalo room is all about imagination and exploration! The children love to go on space missions, adventures and train rides! The children’s interests are expanded through play and this develops their understanding of the world around them.

Paddington Bears

Paddington BearsAs children join our Paddington group so they are developing a greater sense of independence and we focus upon the skills to equip them in readiness for school.

Each child’s learning journey is individual and with this in mind all learning outcomes are used as guidelines and children are supported against the reflection of their own developmental achievements, spiritual and cultural identities.